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An Independent Review of Customer Relationship Management Software Solutions

Welcome to top crm—where we identify and review the top CRM software solutions in the categories of top on-premise CRM, top cloud CRM and top social CRM.

Our top CRM lists are independently produced by experts, and not directly or indirectly influenced by any CRM software publisher. We do consider credible expert reports such as the CRM Lies Software Reviews. Our purpose is to help practitioners and business leaders understand the market share leaders in the Customer Relationship Management software industry. These lists are updated annually.

CRM software vendor marketing and advertising claims can vary wildly and cause unnecessary confusion for CRM software buyers. Our list uses independently verifiable research to validate CRM software vendor claims and illustrate the top vendor solutions without any bias.

The customer relationship management software industry is diverse, constantly evolving and includes over 300 software manufacturers. Our top crm list represents only a small fraction of the industry, and as such, should not be used as a short-list in a software purchase consideration, but instead as a starting point to vet the market leaders and then determine if other specialty or industry-specific solutions should also be considered in a CRM software selection project.

For an independent review of a larger group of CRM software vendors, with more analysis (including unique capabilities, strengths and weaknesses of each application) we suggest the assessments performed by the experts which can be accessed from the banner below.

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Reduce CRM Risk

The Customer Relationship Management software success rate is uninspiring. For over a decade, analyst research studies have reported than 20 percent to over two-thirds of all CRM software implementations have either failed to meet expectations or failed outright.

What's most depressing is that almost all analyst and research studies show that CRM failure rates haven't materially decreased over time—suggesting that business and IT leaders are not learning or heeding the lessons learned from their predecessors. One of the first highly publicized studies, by analyst firm Gartner back in 2001 reported a CRM failure rate of 50 percent. A decade later, a 2009 study by Forrester Research reported a CRM failure rate of 47 percent.

While CRM software failures can be attributed to a number of sources, purchasing your CRM system from a credible and long-standing vendor or reseller can go a long way in mitigating risk and achieving success.

Good luck in your CRM journey!

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