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In the words of CEO Marc Benioff, was born cloud and reborn social. The company leverages several acquired social CRM tools (such as and Radian6) along with organic product enhancements (such as Chatter and contact integration with social network profiles) as the foundation to create a social enterprise.

The social enterprise itself, according to Benioff, includes three social spheres. First is a centralized database of customer social profiles. This permits sales and marketing staff to use social personas in identifying customer interests and motivations. To facilitate this goal, integrates the Contacts page with on-page displays of the contact's Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter profiles. These are not just links to access social channels, but actually retrieve and embed those social profiles in the Contact page.

The second sphere in the social enterprise is an internal social network to help employees connect, communicate and collaborate. And the tool for this job is Chatter—a push-based, subscription feed that delivers updates and activities associated with objects. The third sphere of the social enterprise is externally focused on customer and product social networks. For customer social networks again positions Chatter. Product social networks are still a work in progress and not yet created from packaged tools. With the popularity of this application, there are several good CRM reviews.


InsideView creates contact intelligence from social media and traditional editorial sources. The system monitors over 25,000 (mostly online) sources and delivers alerts regarding changes at your prospects or customers. Contact information can be delivered in the InsideView application or directly into your CRM software system (as long as your CRM system is Landslide, Microsoft CRM, NetSuite, Oracle, or SAP). This sales intelligence tool is effective in:

  • identifying and researching key prospects
  • cleaning or refining contact data
  • creating triggering events and reasons to reach out to prospects and engage them in conversation
  • reducing pre-call preparation time
  • increasing relevancy of customer interactions, and
  • increasing CRM adoption by sales and marketing staff

The Aberdeen Group said that InsideView customers are achieving 32% better performance with lead conversion rates, hitting quota and win/loss ratios.


Instead of adding a social element to Customer Relationship Management software application, Nimble was born a social relationship management system. The system leverages consumer technologies in a B2B application and solves the business problem are fragmented contact sources and communication channels.

Nimble consolidates and centralizes contact information from across social networks (including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) and a few groupware systems (Microsoft and Google) in order to view all relationships and interactions in one place. For organizations looking to tap into social media communications and social selling, this application is leading the market. However, one caution—this social CRM system may act as a better alternative than compliment with other more traditional CRM systems. its not clear how this application can seamlessly integrate and interact with other cloud CRM systems which may make it less appealing for organizations already committed to another CRM system and looking to increase social media engagement with prospects and customers.


To understand whether a particular company's products and services may be right for a buyer, customers are increasingly bypassing sales people and looking to online sources such as social networks, product review sites and search. This inevitably brings buyers to potential vendor websites. DemandBase's technology permits companies to determine which visitors to their website are the most likely buyers and target them for engagement or reach out programs. DemandBase identifies the identity of anonymous website visitors and illustrates key demographic factors about those visitors - such as company size, location, revenue, industry and other business profile data.

DemandBase technology can be applied for improved B2B website optimization conversions. By recognizing the identity of otherwise anonymous visitors, websites can customize the content and offers displayed to visitors in order to move them to the next level of engagement. The technology can also be used to shorten landing page web forms by eliminating fields which seek information already known by DemandBase—a capability which increases form conversions.

Lithium Jive

Lithium and Jive—depending upon your company size and whether you are a B2C or B2B company.

Lithium plays largely in the B2C space and calls their online community platform a "social customer suite." The product is one of the most mature and comprehensive platforms on the market, offering business process workflow design tools, social media monitoring, an apps builder, a studio customization framework and respectable business intelligence. Lithium's strength is using social in a customer support capacity and Lithium's weakness is a lack of integration with CRM systems that both operate as the customer system of record and manage most of the other customer facing processes. One caution—this is a very pricey application and therefore generally outside the budget constraints of small businesses. Forrester Research cites that least 40% of their customer base consists of $1 billion+ companies.

Jive Software is another pioneer in social CRM and social business software. The Jive online community software product is Jive SBS (Social Business Software) and the product ties together collaboration software, community software, and social tools with capabilities such as social networking, collaboration software, community software and social media monitoring. Jive's roots are in the B2B industry and unlike Lithium, Jive retains a more balanced customer base which includes companies of all sizes, including small businesses.


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